Over the last decade, television in Israel and abroad has achieved unprecedented artistic and creative heights as well as record levels of success. The Television Program at Sapir is the only academic program in Israel that places great emphasis on both the practical and theoretical study of television.  Students are exposed to the specific tools of cinematic language (such as directing, photography, production, and editing), thereby providing a broad scope of the field for the graduates joining the industry in Israel and abroad.

The aim is to create professionals who are skilled, innovative and creative, who will be influential in the field of television across the spectrum.  Our program offers professional development in directing, writing, production, photography, content and investigative editing.  We work within various genres: feature series, documentary series, new formats, studio programs, culture and music, late night shows, humor, satire, etc.

The intensive four year BFA program comprehensively combines both theoretical and practical training in television, as well as integrating the foundation of film studies. Extensive workshops and theory courses are taught by leading professionals at the forefront of the industry.

The students' final project in the television track is the production of a pilot (usually the first episode) of a series or program that they developed during their studies. The production of the pilot provides the students with valuable professional experience, as they familiarize themselves with the extensive process of development, from an initial concept to final production.  It's also an opportunity to develop professional portfolio material, without the constraints of broadcasting authorities and restricted budgets.  In addition, it provides access to marketing, distribution and screening to the broadcasting industry as well as festivals.

We maintain close ties with many leading professionals in the TV industry.  Accessibility is invaluable to students when it comes to "pitching" events, mentoring and professional guidance, consulting, participation in project committees, screening exposure, tours and participation in professional events.

Students have access to the highest quality equipment for photography, lighting, sound and editing available in Israel.  These include a digital television studio and a mobile broadcasting unit for the production of music and sports events throughout the South.

The program is uniquely characterized by its young, creative atmosphere, excellent teamwork and contemporary relevance.  The students aspire to create quality television.

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Head of Track

Anat Sela-Inbar - Head of Television Studies Program


Doron Tsabari

Modi Bar-On

Anat Zeltzer

Eilon Rachkobski

Itay Harlap


Yankale Amzaleg - Graduate of Television Studies Program