The program of music and sound for film is the only academic track in Israel that integrates the study of sound for film with image composition. This unique program is taught by some of the most experienced Israeli artists in the field. Students are offered a variety of academic courses, which provide in-depth theoretical background combined with practical application in their fields.  These skills are applied in the creation of film, television and other expressions of image-sound (art, computer games, technology).  The goal of these studies is to train composers and sound professionals to specialize in the area of image-sound editing.

The program is part of the film school and is the only track in Israel that takes place within the professional context of the film and television industry.  It is in full partnership with the professional film production company which is located on the school's premises.

Beginning in the first year, there is collaboration between film and sound students, which continues to blossom throughout the program. The department produces hundreds of films a year, and the regular contact between students generates a broad scope of hands-on experience in the field.

The students gain experience in field recording, creating atmosphere, sound effects and editing dialogues.  They also learn to compose and produce original music that will be part of the completed film. Through practical application of theoretical knowledge, graduating students attain a high level of professional skills in sound and music for the screen.  They are then able to integrate smoothly into the industry, to some of the leading studios in Israel, as well as many home studios.

First Year: Students are familiarized with software programs, studio equipment and the development of basic sound skills.

Second Year: Students gain practical application of computer programs and studio equipment, with a focus on creativity and hands-on experience. During this year, many students are already practicing composing and designing soundtracks for graduate films. The students continue to work on developing their listening skills, as well as the study of harmony and orchestration.

Third Year: During this year, the students acquire a final polish of their skills, additional work experience, and tips for achieving success as sound professionals as they embark into 'real world' upon graduation.

Fourth Year: Students work on their final graduation project and complete necessary degree requirements.

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Head of track

Ishai Adar - Head of Sound Design Program


Jonathan Bar Giora

Yossi Appelbaum


Andres Rapaport - Graduate of Sound Design Program

Matan Noifeld - Graduate of Sound Design Program

Michal Gideon Graduate of Sound Design Program

Shaul Pechter

Shaul was born in 1968 in kibbutz Revadim and grew up there. He is a composer and pianist. He graduated from the track of composing and soundtrack at Sapir Academic College, and composes for theater and films.