The track concentrates mainly on the practical aspects of film and television production. In contrast to the traditional division of film professions into production, direction, photography, editing and sceenwriting, we believe in a total cinema creator who has studied all of the creative film subjects.

The program trains skilled and professional staff in all areas of production and creation, and the graduating student is eligible for a diploma in Practical Engineering in Cinema and TV Arts.

The curriculum includes workshops in all aspects of TV and film work:

Directing of features, documentaries, advertising and image films, MultiCam, mobile broadcasting, television studio, sound and recording studies, film soundtrack, theory and practice of editing, FINAL CUT and AVID editing programs, online editing and after effect, frame design, stills photography and Photoshop, video and film photography, lighting workshop, acting in front of a camera, video dance, production studies and subjects related to the production team.

Head of track

Uzi Adam - Head of Engineering Program


Rani Blair - Head of the BA Program

Rani Blair is an Israeli television director and scriptwriter, winner of the Israel Academy Award for Television, and was Chairman of the Directors Association in Israel. He was born in the village of Yesha in the western Negev. His father, Yosta Blair, was Chairman of the Association of Israel Agriculturalists. Blair graduated from the Cinema and Television Department at TAU in the 1980s. He began his professional way directing music clips for Barry Saharof for his albums “Ham Al Hayare’ach” and “Simanim Shel Hulsha”, as well as directing television articles for Channels 1 and 8.

In 1999-2004 he co-wrote and co-directed the television series “Shabatot Vehagim” with Anat Asulin and Ari Fulman, broadcast for 5 seasons on cable Channel 3 (now HOT). In 2006, the three then co-wrote and co-directed the series “Parashat Hashavu’a” for this channel, broadcast for 3 seasons until 2009.

In 2008 Blair replaced Doron Tsabari as Head of the Directors’ Association, until 2012 when Yariv Horovitch received the post.

In 2009 he directed the series “Teivat Noah”, created by Shmulik Kalderon, broadcast on Channel 2, Reshet. Blair co-wrote the script with Maya Heffner. In 2011, he wrote and directed “Adama”, a 5-episode mini-series, broadcast on HOT 3. He then created and directed the political drama series “Shvita”, aired in July 2012 on YES Drama.

In 2012 Blair ran for Knesset, third place in the party “Eretz Hadasha”.

On 7.1.15, Channel 1 began airing the program “Isur Venegi’ah”, presenting the film “Hahefeh”, which is based on Yehosu’a Greenberg’s book “Hahefeh” - a love story between a yeshiva boy (Itamar Rothchild) and a cancer-afflicted girl (Keren Berger). In addition to the central plot, we follow him as a man, after being appointed head of the yeshiva - played by Rani Blair - as he copes with the yeshiva boys who have love stories similar to his. Director: Amihai Greenberg.

Photo - Amichai Malchi

Sigalit Banai


David Gavro - Graduate of Engineering Program

Roman Shomonov - Graduate of Engineering Program