The Filmmaking Program combines the practical application of cinematic creation with theoretical studies.  Studies in film history and the cinematic rules of expression build a solid foundation of knowledge.

Emphasis is placed on inspiring the artist's unique creative spirit.  Students are encouraged to express and connect with themselves as a means of producing personal, meaningful material.

The studies encompass all stages of creation, from an initial idea, through to screenwriting, character formation and plot development.  Exercises focusing on the various aspects of cinematic language enable the students to delve into film-making, experimenting with different styles. The rich combination of studies creates a fertile soil for growth and the incubation period enables students to take impressive leaps in short amounts of time.  Students participate in the process of creation and gain familiarity with all the elements of film, as well as with contemporary creators world-wide. They acquire skills and a command of the various components in film-making: scriptwriting, directing, production, photography and editing.

Beginning in the first week of the program, students get hands-on experience directing and operating sophisticated photography and editing equipment. Alongside the encouragement of artistic freedom, there is also an emphasis on social awareness as it pertains to artistic context.  Hence, a significantly large space is given to documentary films and the possibilities it encompasses.  Central to the film program is the personal approach bestowed on each student. The students flourish in a creative hothouse, with personal mentors for projects as well as professional accompaniment from the field.

The unique final projects make their debut in the film competition at the Cinema South Festival.  They are later distributed and screened in both Israel and abroad.

First Year: Introductory courses are offered in the art and theory of film and television.  Workshops include: field recording, video photography, creative writing, directing and editing feature and documentary films, AVID editing and basics of screenwriting.

Second Year: Studies include: video photography, advanced editing, advanced screenwriting, as well as workshops in assisting and directing film production.

Third and Fourth Years: Mentorship for the completion of the final project is overseen by faculty staff: Uri Sivan (In Therapy, Saint Clara), Shlomi Elkebatz (Gett, Seven Days, Velakahta Leha Isha, Edut) , Nizar Hassan (Karam Abu Halil, Ijatia, Tahadi), Orna Levy, Anat Even (After the End, Asurot), Lina Chaplin (Trumpet in the Wadi, Was or Was Not), Prof. Avner Preminger.

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Head of track

Shlomi Elkabetz - Head of Filmmaking Program


Ori Sivan- Head of the MFA program

Director and scriptwriter, graduated from TAU Cinema Dept. Among his projects are: “Yeheifim”, mini TV series (director and chief scriptwriter; “Betipul”, TV series (chief scriptwriter and associate creator), winner of Best Series Award and Best Script Award of the Israeli Academy of Cinema and Television, with the American version distributed and broadcast in over 60 countries world-wide; “Shabatot Vehagim”, TV series (chief scriptwriter), winner of Best Series Award and Best Script Award of the Israeli Academy of Cinema and Television; “Clara Hakdosha”, feature film (director and associate scriptwriter), winner of Best Film Award of the Israeli Academy of Cinema, representing Israel at the American Oscar.

Teaches courses: Directing; tutor of final projects.

Photo - Zohar Melinek Ezra

Ran Tal

Dafna Sering, PHD

Aner Preminger


Amir Tal - Graduate of Filmmaking Program

Amram Jacoby - Graduate of Filmmaking Program

Ariel Cohen- Graduate of Filmmaking Program

Dan Sachar - Graduate of Filmmaking Program

Hagai Arad - Graduate of Filmmaking Program

Meital Abukasis - Graduate of Filmmaking Program

Ophir Raul Graizer - Graduate of Filmmaking Program

Robby Elmaliah - Graduate of Filmmaking Program