The program is intended for graduates of film or other fields who wish to specialize in film research - discourse on theoretical issues - or in filmmaking, television and new media. The program provides a close-knit experimental laboratory that empowers the creative process and enables a unique combination of study and research.

The program creates an intellectual and creative continuum in the spirit of the basic principles of the department- filmmaking that is committed to reality and the world in which we live.  Specifically, there is an emphasis on the study of Israeli, Middle Eastern, and international film as it manifests in practice and theory. Central to the program are seminars in which lecturers and students participate together. It implements the concept and model of ‘Theory through Practice’ that is rapidly developing all over the world, and is the first of its kind in Israel.

The MA/MFA film programs at Sapir College collaborate with leading universities in film study around the world, such as Prague’s FAMU, Berlin’s HFF, and Munich’s LMU. Within the framework of these partnerships, intensive seminars and masterclasses are given by the leading creators and researchers in the film world.

Students are exposed to international and contemporary trends in film.  They present their final projects at the 'Cinema South Festival', which hosts professionals in the film industry from all over the world, including top festival directors from Cannes, Berlin, New York, and others. They have the privilege of experiencing the pulse of film arts and media at the international center, 'Art House Cinema'.

Graduates of the program may continue directly to advanced research studies at Haifa University.  In addition to a supportive network of ongoing mentoring and consulting by the program’s faculty, students are eligible to receive scholarships and production grants for further study.

To the curriculum

Head of Track

Prof. Avner Fainguelernt - Head of the Audio and Visual Arts School and Head of the MA Program at Sapir College

Director, researcher and independent filmmaker. Head of the Audio and Visual Arts School and Head of the MA Program at Sapir College. Initiator and director of Cinema South Festival. Co-editor of film journals: Southern Film Notebooks, Southern Treasures. His movies have been screened in scores of festivals in Israel and the world, movie theaters and television stations, and have won awards in various world festivals. Among his movies: “War Matador, Love Matador”, and “Men on the Edge - Fishermen Diary”.

Graduate of Cinema and Television, and Psychology at Tel-Aviv University. Completed his Ph.D. studies at UEL University in London.  The subject of his doctorate is a comparative Lacanian reading of European journey films following the father, and their connection to the Odyssey. Guest lecturer at Columbia University in New York, FAMU School of film in Prague, and the MA program for cinema culture at Haifa University.

Teaches courses: Cinematography expression; cinema of poetry - theoretical-practical workshop; desert travel movies workshop; tutoring final projects.


Photo - Amichai Malchi

Selected Lecturers

Dr. Erez Peri

Yael Shankar, PHD

Yehuda “Judd” Ne’eman