Students at the Audio and Visual Arts School at Sapir Academic College make films from day one! Beginning in the first year, about 300 films are produced annually by the school’s various tracks - film, television, animation, screenwriting, engineering, and post-graduate. Students are exposed to a variety of film styles including documentaries, feature films, television pilots, and animated films among others. The school encourages experimental projects and continually seeks new ways to expand accepted cinematic language.

The school has an excellent infrastructure for production, which enables students to develop technical specialization. The highly sophisticated equipment includes: advanced photography systems, state-of-the-art editing systems, professional sound studios, animation studios and a mobile broadcasting unit for live recordings from the field.  In addition, students have the opportunity to receive production scholarships.

Mean of Production

Cameras: Digital and film photography systems. Each item of equipment listed comes with the comprehensive accompanying equipment including tripods, sound kit, monitors FS-700 SONY, cameras PANASONIC 101, SONY NX5, AF EX-3 SONY, cameras SONY PMW300, HVR-Z7, cameras DV CAM 390, DV CAM 400, camera DSR 450, camera PANASONIC 154, stills cameras D-40, D-200, D-500, D-100.


Lighting equipment: Comprehensive lighting equipment and accompanying equipment including grip stands, lighting tripods, reflectors, goboys, polecat, etc. lights: HMI 200, HMI 1200 PAR; LENS LIGHT 2KW, 1KW, W650; QUARTZ LIGHT 800 (LILIPUT LIGHT), MINIBRUT 2500, LIGHT 300W, DEDO LIGHT, 2000 QUARTZ (BLOND), SHORT KINO LIGHT, KINO FLO LIGHT, LED LIGHT.

Editing systems: Computer lab (Mac computers) for studying of Avid and Final Cut editing programs, Final Cut editing rooms for personalized editing at HD level, Avid editing rooms for personalized editing at HD level, On Line post production editing rooms at HD level, sampling rooms, conversion rooms.


Computer lab for studying animation programs: Classic or drawn animation; the films are drawn by hand from beginning to end, both on paper and on the animation Stop Motion designated software: doll animation, clay, objects or anything that can be moved in front of a camera. The track emphasizes work with material and its significance as well as experimental work. Computerized animation in 3D: Specialization in which the programs that are studied may build completely virtual worlds. During specialization the leading programs are studied: After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, Final Cut, TV Paint Pro, FlipBook, Cubase.

Studios for 2D AND 3D animation


Television studio covering 100 sq.m. at 6 m. height, equipped with a system of 48 upper lights commanded by a dimmer system. The studio's control room is equipped with the state-of-the-art technology such as a switching device, teleprompter, digital recorders, compressed analogue sound, etc.

Sound studios: Advanced studios equipped with CUBASE and PROTOOLS, sound recording and editing, in collaboration with the sound engineers department.

Mobile broadcasting unit: Equipped with full digital video filming set and peripherals, sound equipment, lighting and routing position.


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