Bordering on Gaza, one of the most volatile locations in the Middle East, Sapir has created a laboratory for creativity and vibrant cultural activity.  This includes extensive study programs and an established, internationally renowned film center.  Films and special programs created by the department’s graduates are presented and screened at festivals, broadcasting channels, commercial theaters and prestigious institutes of higher learning throughout the world. Simultaneously, collaboration with international film schools, festivals and cultural centers expands perspective and creates new opportunities for artistic development.

The Office of External Relations and Distribution is characterized by a spirit of action and initiative. The office manages and participates in all areas of the school’s relations with external institutions, both within Israel and internationally. Its objective is to link the diverse content created at the school - dozens of films and hundreds of video clips - with suitable platforms at international festivals, art galleries, broadcasting channels, digital media and more. Individual films, as well as special programs, are screened at film venues in Israel and abroad, in conjunction with some of the leading film schools in the world.  Collaboration takes place with official bodies such as the Foreign Ministry and Israeli embassies around the world, as well as local cultural centers. The school works with distribution companies in Israel and abroad, such as the DW in Paris and Go2Film, which specializes in distributing to the Jewish world, among others. The school's films achieve international acclaim, which can be accredited to the fresh voices and diversity of worlds depicted in them.  They successfully expand the range of expression and challenge the parameters of Israeli mainstream media. The uncompromising search for an innovative cinematic voice has defined the character of film at Sapir and has enabled graduates with the ability to continually reinvent Israeli film.

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New Releases

Stationed - Filmmaking Track

Producer: Amir Gilboa | Cast: Metal Gal | Camera: Omri Barzilay | Editing: Roni Feldman | Sound Design: Roi Barak

Ruti is a company clerk stationed in Hebron. She really likes the soldiers at the post and tries hard to raise their sagging moral. The soldiers ask Ruti to spend a week end with them and she agrees. During the week end she un...

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מלחמת עולם 2 דור 3 - מסלול אנימציה

אנימציה דוקומנטרית המשלבת טכניקה קלאסית ומחשב ומלווה בסאונד מהקלטות ראיונות שהתבצעו בגרמניה ובישראל.


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One Night in Jaffa - Filmmaking Track

Director: Raz Bar, David Varon

Writer/director: Raz Bar, David Varon
Producer : Dor Aviram
Cinematographer: Rotem Murat
Editor: Tamar Rachkovsky

Summer in Jaffa; youths are sitting around, Hipsters hang in the Flee market, and one girl, Laila, who just wants to go out and have fun. But Laila has a small 'problem': She was not born a 'woman.' When Lail...

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Weekend - Filmmaking Track

Director: Dor Aviram

Director: Dor Aviram
Producer: Limor Benasuly
Cinematographer: Maor Adar
Editor: Mattan Gal
Art Designer: Natasha Feldman
Sound Recordering, Sound Design & Mix: Ilan Admon
Executive Producer: Roei Mishan
Original Music: Dan Ben Haim

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Longing - Filmmaking Track

Director: Nadav Mishali

Short Fiction Film
Length: 20 Minutes
Screenwriter & Direction: Nadav Mishali

As every month Michal dips herself in the Mikveh as part of a religious ritual that allows her to have sexual relations with her husband, but when the long-awaited night arrives, nothing happens between the two. Her husband's absence, as well as ...

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  • BAFICI Festival in Buenos Aires 2013

    South Cinema Festival program: War Matador, Hula and Natan, Vegetative Love, Not in Tel Aviv, Animation: Strings, Mouth Wide Open, Ears Shut Tight, Nyosha.


Oriana Ben Aba

Graduated from the School of Audio and Visual Arts in 2011 in the film track. Writes and directs experimental films. Worked in fashion production and in theater, and directed a full-length documentary for the ministry of Welfare. Currently completing her Masters in Culture Studies and Gender at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. At Sapir, Oriana is in charge of the area of distribution in Israel and abroad. She is in contact with various institutes world-wide and with the major festivals in Israel, to advance the school’s films. She also works in various capacities at the Cinema South Festival, and is team member of the Festival and in charge of the fringe program.

Dominique Welinski

In February 2012, after more than 20 years in the distribution field, she set up DW, a consulting company for creators, especially young ones, to help them find their way in the international film market. She establishes, consults and manages various distribution bodies world-wide, in cooperation with production companies all over the world, including Cannes Film Festival and the international French Institute. She is currently producing a full-length feature film, for the first time, of the Iranian director Alireza Khatami, and is also associate producer of Sri Lanka director Sanjeewa Pushkakumara’s second film.