Sapir Kino Tel Aviv

We are very proud of our graduates of the School of Audio and Visual Arts – Roni Beeri and Omer Musat – who together with other graduates, run the Kino TLV cinema group.

Kino TLV is pleased to announce that registration has opened for the first “Kino Kabaret” in the history of Israel. Anyone considering herself or himself a creator, artist, cinema person must experience this extraordinary international festival that will take place for the first time in Tel Aviv, during Pesach, April 4-11. A whole week of lab for the creation of films, with people from all over the world who simply come here to film and create. The Alfred Gallery in Florentin will become a home, for an entire week, for 100 creators from Israel and abroad:
Actors, directors, cinematographers, editors, producers, light and sound people, all congregating into one building, breathing, eating, making and creating films.
And screening the results every evening to people all over the city.
This is going to be a wild event. Come and join. Or you’ll regret not having done so.

For the first time in Israel – “Kino Kabaret”!
50 creators from Israel and 50 from abroad will take part in a lab of short films for a whole week at Alfred Gallery in Florentin.
During the Pesach holiday we’re going to flood the streets of Tel Aviv.
The creators from abroad will land straight into our Kino lab for 7 days, connect with the 50 creators of Kino TLV from Israel, and together we’re going to have a lot of films in the air!
Imagine an entire building, 4 stories high, from the 1930s – the seam-line between Neveh Tzedek and Florentin – becoming a creation lab of cinematic films.

Kino is a cinema movement existing in the world since 1999 (established in Montreal, Canada).
There are now cells in over 70 cities in the world, on 6 continents.
Each cell holds the peak event once a year – the cabaret – an entire week of film lab with people from all over the world.
We founded the Israeli cell, Kino TLV – two years ago.
The Israeli cell operates by meeting once a month, each time at a different bar in Tel Aviv (Salona, Radio EPGB, The Prince). In these encounters we screen the films that we’d created in the framework of the Kino, we brainstorm ideas for new films, and we find partners for the next production.

This is another call to get on the train!

Our film-maker friends, actors and musicians!
In another month exactly the Kino TLV Kabaret will open, in cooperation with the Rabinovitch Fund, the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Municipality, and Alfred Gallery!

Dates: 4-11 April, 2015

For additional information and registration:!kabaret -2015/c1x5d