Ron Comedy Series

On ————-, Yes comedy and Yes VOD will begin screening the TV comedy series “Ron”, written, directed and starring Ron Feldman, graduate of the television track at the School of Audio and Visual Arts at Sapir Academic College.

The series was developed as a final project, produced as a pilot by Ron, and tutored by Modi Bar-On, track teacher. “Ron” won the prize for television production at the Darom Film Festival 2012. This is the first time in 25 years that a film school television project has gone directly into the industry, the previous and only other being “Hahamishia Hacamerit”.

The new comedy provides a fresh and original viewpoint of Ron Feldman on the world. Ron is a 33-year-old guy, who one may say hasn’t done much with himself. Throughout the series we see that “hasn’t done much with himself” is a relative term, since the small dramas and ironies concealed in daily life leave him pretty busy. Ron is the kid who came back from India and didn’t know what he wanted to do and suddenly ten years had passed. Life is hinting to him that if he doesn’t want to end up like the people he’s observing, then he’d better start moving. Ron tries to find a job but that doesn’t quite work. His love life isn’t really a life either. His apartment is falling apart and his parents are on his case. Anat, a tall and funny girl he meets tries to help him grow up, but he starts to fall in love with her. Now, when everything begins to connect, we accompany him on the sure way to…nowhere.

Many other Sapir graduates are part of the series, among them Anat Oren – creator and head scriptwriter together with Ron; Dan Sahar – the series’ cinematographer; and supporting actors: Eviatar Halimi, Hen Rotman, Oshrit Sarusi, Michal Hajaj, Yana Lerner.

Help, somebody help

Shopping at the filling station

Repairing an ancient instrument, that’s funny