Produire au Sud

The Sapir Academic College is hosting, for the second time, the prestigious international production called “Darom Studio”, the workshop will take place in Israel for the second time, this coming June, within the framework of the School of Audio and Visual Arts at the Sapir College School, and under the auspices of the Nantes Festival of Three Continents in France.

Following last year’s success, Sapir Academic College will host an extension of the prestigious international production Produire au Sud during the Darom Film Festival this coming June. Participants at the workshop receive extensive exposure, and can screen their films at important international film festivals.

The prestigious production workshop, called “Darom Studio” in Israel, is an Israel-France co-production, under the auspices of the Nantes Festival of Three Continents in France and the Institut Français in Tel Aviv. The workshop will take place 7-11 June, parts of it in the desert, under the auspices of the School of Audio and Visual Arts at Sapir Academic College. The artistic director of the workshop in Israel is director Shlomi Elkabetz, one of the new generation leaders of Israeli cinema and Head of the Cinema Track at the School of Audio and Visual Arts at Sapir College.

“Darom Studio” is intended mainly for young directors and producers beginning their way, and it emphasizes projects that express the unique and personal voices of these creators, who aspire to create daring and challenging cinema. The central narrative will deal with art created on the lines between physical and mental boundaries, between the center and the periphery, between north and south, between nature and culture, with the promise of internalizing the landscapes, sights and characters operating on the boundary lines.

The workshop includes 6 pairs of producer-director (12 participants all together), who will deal, among others, with the production-in-creation; director-producer ties; international production; etc. The participants will meet with experts from Israel and abroad in the fields of editing scripts, production, pitching, marketing, etc., while emphasizing the advancing of their personal projects and creating a foundation for enriching international co-operation between the Israeli film industry and the European ones, both commercial and artistic. 2-3 of the most prominent projects in the workshop will be extended for two weeks in a workshop in France.

For the 12 years of its existence, the prestigious international production Produire au Sud has managed to establish a new generation of leading film directors in the world, who had created their first films within its framework. Among the famous directors who have taken part in the workshop are Apichatpong Weerasethakul, winner of the Golden Palm Prize at 2010 Cannes Festival; Pablo Tarparo, Lucrecia Martel, Martin Rechtman and others – all of them outstanding film-makers who are prominent in the important international film festivals, with comprehensive retrospectives at festivals and cinemateques, as well as being studied at film schools world-wide.