Prof. Sami Shalom Chetrit

Sami Shalom Chetrit is a teacher, poet, writer and filmmaker. Chetrit was born in Morocco, raised in Israel and have lived there since. He also lived
in New York City for many years where he studied (Columbia university) and taught at CUNY. Chetrit scholarly work includes work on society,
education, culture, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

His known scholarly
book in English – Intra-Jewish Conflict in Israel: White Jews, Black Jews – was published by Rutledge, London 2011.
He’s been writing and publishing poetry for thirty years, and published five books of poetry in Hebrew, including:

Zeman Morocco (Morocco Time) by Bimat Kedem Tel-Aviv 2015, Yehudim (Jews) by Nahar Books Israel 2007, Shirim Be’ashdodit by Andalus Tel Aviv 2004.

Chetrit recently published a book of translated poems in English – Jews, by Cervana Brava, Boston.

Chetrit was a leading social activist in Israel for many years. He was among the founders of the alternative school Kedma in the southern neighborhood HaTikva in Tel Aviv, and among the founders and leaders of the social movement HaKeshet, the Mizrahi Rainbow Democratic Coalition.

Chetrit also produced and directed three documentary films
The Black Panthers (in Israel) Speak – a documentary film about the Israeli social-protest movement “The Black Panthers” in the early 1970s. research and script writing. co-production and co-directed with Eli Hamo. (53 min, Hebrew with English subtitles). 2003. Special Screening at the Tel Aviv Cinemateque, 2003. Special Screening at the Jerusalem Cinemateque, 2003. Official Selection The African Diaspora Film Festival, New York, 2004. Official Selection ArteEast Film Festival, New York, 2004. Official Selection for a Greek Alternative Film Festival, 2005. Official Selection for an Irish Alternative Film Festival, 2005.
Az’i Ayima (Come Mother) – a documentary film about Moroccan women of the first generation in Israel. Writing and directing. Produced by Haim Buzaglo. (77 minutes, Hebrew and Moroccan with English subtitles) 2009. DocAviv International Film Festival, Tel-Aviv 2009; official selection, special screening. Darom International Film Festival, Sderot 2009; official selection. Israeli public television, Channel One, official selection for broadcast, October 24, 2009. 5% rating (250,000 viewers)
Shattered Rhymes: the Life and poetry of Erez Bitton . A documentary film about the most renowned Israeli Mizrahi poet in Israel. Through ajourney in his poetry we visit the milestones of his ilfe, and the lives of many in the Moroccan community in Israel. 2014. Was broadcasted on Israeli Yes Doco, a cable documentary channel, and appeared in many festivals and special screenings in Israel and the world. Including Morocco.

Chetrit is serving as an Associate Professor and the head of the School for Audio and Visual Arts at Sapir College.