Sali Elmlich’s film, Asa Turns 13, won the Mika Eilon Best Film Award at the Cinema South Festival

The jury supported its choice: "With sensitivity and passion, the director invited us to enter his intimate world, creating a special, cohesive, authentic, realistic, and poetic cinematic world."

The second prize was won by Manya Lozovskaya for her film "Hebrew Kisses." The film "Cathriel," by Roni Ashernizky, Yulia Zavt and Noa Chen, won the award for the best animated film.

Thousands of viewers fr...

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The films “Labor” and “Yearning” at San Jose, California

Two of our best student films from 2016 will be screened at the Cinequest Festival in San Jose, California from 28.2 - 12.3

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"Yearning" by Michal Hajaj

Avraham, a middle-class man in his 50′s, wakes up one night with a pain in his chest, causing him to reckon with his own impending mortality. A realistic tragedy about love, numbness and grayness of life.

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Poetic Cinema in the desert

Poetic Cinema is a workshop that is a part of the MA program.

15 MA students travelled south for two days of film production in the desert. They detached themselves from city-life for some creative insight and group work.

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First year film wins an awards in L.A festival

 First year film Partiton, by Yael Rozen wins Medal in the festival - F.A.M.E. US International Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Students that took part in the film's production:

Tal Shleifer (cinematography)

Mika Leshed (production)

Tomer Levin (editing)

Kfir Yakobi (original score)

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Directors Fortnight Program at Sderot Cinematheque


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Sapir graduated at the Listapad Festival in Minsk

Today,three films by Sapir graduates were screened at the Listapad Festival in Minsk. The films are: "Turning the Stones", "My Friend Yaniv" and "Holot".

The films were welcomed with much excitement and appreciation from the crowd. The viewers were impressed with the depth and honesty of the films, as well as with their social-political stand.

Congratulations to our graduate Maayan Schwartz who won Best Documentary Film at the Student Competition with ...

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The film Bear Hug will screen at an animation festival in Armenia

Doli Drori's and Adi Greenberg's film "Bear Hug" will screen at the animation festival Rianimania in Armenia.

About the film: On a spring day, a child is meeting a bear in the forest who is tied to a tree. He releases the bear. The different seasons accompany the relationship they form and their naive will to exist by each other - man and animal.

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First Place at the Toronto Film Week

Congratulations to our graduate Zohar Melinek Ezra who is finishing his MA Degree in Film and Production. His film Nation's Legacy of Severance won first prize Best Experimental Film at the Toronto Film Week.

Nation’s Legacy of Severance is the film adaptation of the original 2010 choreography by artists Zohar Melinek and Mary St-Amand Williamson. The film was produced and shot in Montreal, Canada. The film addresses national and communal struggles of self-determination and displacement. The characters pass through states of dispossession and exile, isolation and madness in...
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Sound Design and Music Track at the Israeli Academy Awards

On the 10th of June, 2016, the Israeli Academy awards for cinema and TV ceremony took place.

Jonathan Bar Giora, a prominent teacher at the Sound Design and Music for Film Track was asked by the academy to present the award for best Sound Design. When Jonathan saw who the nominees were he was happy to find the name, for the first time in the Track's history, of one of his students - Michal Gideon. She was nominated for her work on the TV series - Fauda alongside Yossi Applebaum (Also a teacher at the Sound Design and Music for Film Track).

Two films from the Sapir School of Audio and Visual Arts at the IDFA Festival

Further success for the Sapir School of Audio and Visual Arts, with two of its graduate films, “My Friend Yaniv” and “Turn over the Stones,” accepted to the student category of the IDFA Festival, the leading film festival for documentary films. The festival opens in Amsterdam on November 16.

“My Friend Yaniv,” by Maayan Schwartz, tells about its creator’s close friendship with Yaniv Aviran who is afflicted with MS. “Turn over the Stones,” by Nir Dvorchin, tells about Sami, who lives on his farm in the desert. Both films debute...

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