“Laila Ahat Beyafa” at the Student Film Festival in Munich

Raz Ben David accompanied her film “Laila Ahat Beyafa” to the Student Film Festival in Munich. She tells of four days of cinema and surprising encounters, returning tired but pleased.

About the film:

Night in Jaffa. Boys are sitting with a hookah, hipsters going around the marketplace, and one girl Laila who wants to go out. But Laila has a ‘small” problem with her femininity, she wasn’t born a “woman”. Laila won’t let that stand in her way, so she goes out to a pub and flirts with Or, a young good-looking boy. And the night goes on.

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About Raz:

Raz Ben David was born in 1990 in Givat Ada, Israel. Graduate of the Sapir School of Audio and Visual Arts. Director, scriptwriter and photographer. She did her national service at the Sadaka-Reut commune, a bi-national educational non-profit organization. Her final project “Laila Ahat Beyafa”, which tells the story of a transgender girl from Jaffa, won the best film award at the 2014 Cinema South Festival.