Four films of graduates of the Sapir School of Audio and Visual Arts were accepted to international festivals in New Delhi and in China

Four films of graduates of the Sapir School of Audio and Visual Arts were accepted to international cinema and television festivals: “Tsomet Haruhot”, “Brioti Haktana”, and “Mitahat La’etz” were accepted to the International Festival for Short Films in New Delhi opening December 5th, and “Yerushalmim Lo Yodim Lischot” is nominated for the Golden Panda at the Television Festival in Sichuan, China. Director Rotem Lehman is going to China to participate in the festival.

“Tsomet Haruhot”, Rotem Moret’s feature film, tells of a couple who takes a vacation in Sinai, and disappears in the desert on the way, leaving behind their crashed car and a home video documenting the trip. “Brioti Haktana” follows Hila, the daughter of ”Solomonico”, one of Israeli cinema’s mythological figures, in her search for her father who left for Hollywood when she was a little girl. This is Shani Rassad’s second documentary. The film participated in the documentary film competition of the Forum of Documentary Creators. “Mitahat La’etz”, Damian Tsetskin’s feature film, tells of Anton, who immigrated to Israel from the Soviet Union, as he withdraws into his dark apartment for two years after his wife passes away. His monotonous and quiet routine is filled with a void and memories of the past.

The three films were first screened last June at the Cinema South Festival, which was initiated by the Sapir School of Audio and Visual Arts.

Rotem Lehman’s film “Yerushalmim Lo Yodim Lischot” won second place at the competition of graduate films at the 2013 Cinema South Festival, and at the documentary film competition of the Forum of Documentary Creators in the student category. The film was also screened at festivals in Europe and both North and South America. It documents the story of five elderly Jerusalemites who had never learned to swim, and were now mustering up the courage to “dive into the water”. Through the process of learning to swim, their life stories are revealed. These characters, each with their own unique world, represent together the Jerusalem life experience of the past.

About the festivals:

Diff Festival

International film festival that takes place in New Delhi for the fourth year, December 5-10. Over 70 countries will take part in it, screening over 200 films, as well as 150 video works. There will also be seminars on the market of Indian and global films and animation.

The Sichuan Television Festival

Taking place for the 13th time in Changdo, capital of Sichuan, China, December 6-8. The festival’s Golden Panda Award is one of the and most influential and prominent in the Asian television industry. This year dozens of films will compete for it in the categories of documentary, drama, animation, students and new media.

The Sapir School of Audio and Visual Arts offers a four-year program such as provided is by leading schools world-wide. The students can choose among five BFA professional and academic tracks: television, cinema, animation, sound design and scriptwriting, and the MFA/MA in film production and theory.

School Director and Head of the graduate program is Prof. Avner Fainguluernt, and Dr. Erez Peri is Head of the undergraduate program.

Beginning its way 15 years ago, the school has become one of the leading cinema schools in Israel and abroad. Scores of its graduates’ final projects participate every year in international festivals in Israel and abroad.

The school maintains international cooperation with schools abroad such as FAMU in Prague, HFF in Berlin, and LMU in Munich, so that our school is granted retrospectives all over the world.

Our students have at their disposal scores of cameras of the highest broadcasting quality, recording equipment, a professional television studio, a mobile broadcasting unit, sound studios, editing studios and animation studios. Among the prominent lecturers of the tracks are: Uri Sivan, Shomi Elkabetz, Keren Margalit, Modi Bar On, Anat Zeltzer, Gidi Yehoshua, Yael Hedaya, Doron Tsabari, Eilon rachkovsky, Ran Sarig, Udi Leon, Ran Tal, Jonathan Bar Giora.

The Sapir School of Audio and Visual Arts is the largest public college in Israel. It has 8500 students from all over the country who come to the Western Negev and reside in neighboring kibbutzim. The tuition at Sapir is equivalent to university tuition, and the first academic year is free for ex-soldiers.