Congratulations to Rotem Morat, Cinema Track graduate, for being accepted to the official competition of the Berlin Film Festival with his film “Tsomet Haruhot”

Tsomet Haruhot, created by Rotem Morat during his studies at the Cinema Track, was accepted to the prestigious Berlin Festival, to the category of short films. It was first screened at the 2015 Cinema South Festival and won the Best Film Award.

Rotem Morat, 28, graduated from the Cinema Track at the School of Audio and Visual Arts, Sapir Academic College. During his studies he wrote and directed 2 short feature films: “Melody” and “The Sane and Satisfying Solution”, both of which were screened at the Ashdod Awards Cinema Competition. He was cinematographer of “Laila Ahat Beyafa”, which won the 2014 Cinema South Festival, and of the documentary film “Mashehu al Ruah Tzazit”, about poet and educator Sami Shalom Shitrit.

Rotem Morat said about his film’s acceptance to the Berlin Film Festival that “it was inspired by director Robert Rodrigez, who once told how he had created an action film on a small budget; the film “The Witch from Blair Project” which showed how an authentic horror film was made with the use of a home video; and Steven Spielberg’s first film “Duel”, about a man chased by a truck, whose driver is never seen in the film. I underwent a long process producing the film, and I’m pleased with the praise it has received wherever it is screened. It isn’t self-evident that an action film can have a component of horror, and I’d like to note that the School of Audio and Visual Arts at Sapir Academic College gave me complete artistic freedom to go wild and create, and supported me all along the way with the right advice.”

Link to the trailer