Ben Zaken

The Israeli film “Ben Zaken” at cinemas across the country

“Ben Zaken”, director Efrat Korem’s first film, starring Eliraz Sadeh, was screened at the Berlin Film Festival in the “Forum”, and is now being shown at cinemas all over the country

“Ben Zaken” is the first film of director Efrat Korem, graduate of Sapir. It was produced by Itai Tamir of “Laila Sratim”, stars Eliraz Sadeh, and has been released for commercial screening across the country. “Ben Zaken” competed for the prize of first films at the Berlin Festival, and was screened in the “Forum”, which is devoted to artistic films of unique cinematic language of film-makers all over the world. At the end of the month it will participate in the competition at the Milano Women’s Festival, and next month will be screened at the Independent Film Festival in Buenos Aires (BAFICI) in the official competition.

“Ben Zaken” tells the story of Shlomi Ben Zaken (Eliraz Sadeh), single father of 11-year-old Rohi (Rom Sasson), his only child whom he has raised in his mother’s home in Ashkelon, ever since Rohi was born.

Shlomi struggles with himself and his surroundings to maintain custody of his daughter, while acknowledging his inability to function as a father and to give his only child a chance of a better life as he would have wanted for himself.

Also appearing in the film: Makiks (Ronen) Amar, Hani Elimelech, Batel Mashian, and Rubi Elmaliach.

“Ben Zaken” was chosen to open the 2014 Darom Film Festival, participated in the official competition of the 2014 Jerusalem International Film Festival, and won the Van Leer Prize in “Pitchpoint” of the 2013 Jerusalem Festival.

Efrat says about the film: “Ben Zaken” offers a realistic-social-inner-family world in its text, while the subtext relates to the painful existential question about the world, the mazes or infinite walls it places in front of us, and redemption. It is very exciting that this is precisely what the Berlin festival people saw.

Efrat Korem graduated from the film department at Sapir College. Her film “BeRachel Bithah Haktanah” was screened in the Cinefondation of the 2007 Cannes Festival, and participated in many festivals all over the world. “Ben Zaken” is her first full-length film.

Since 2009 she is the artistic director of the Darom Film Festival.