Asylum seekers come to the television studio workshop at the School of Audio and Visual Arts

Yesterday a group of 25 asylum seekers from Africa who are staying in Israel came for the first of three parts of a joint workshop here, with students of the engineering, cinema and television tracks.

Divided into groups mentored by lecturer Uzi Adam, they learned about the “world” of the television studio and its various professions, and experienced filming an interview show previously prepared by student Sagiv Parash, who also directed it. From reports in the field today, it seems that the participants are talking about a significant and experiential workshop in which they got to know about the interesting subject. We would like to thank Sapir College for their cooperation with the fascinating workshop. Further on, there will be another session in which the asylum seekers will learn about cinematic theory and will take part in filming cinematic portraits, mentored by film photographers Eran Yehezkel and Claudio Steinberg.