Sapir delegation to the Listapad Festival in Minsk

Three creators from Sapir with take part in the festival with their films, representing the school at the competition of documentary cinema, at the important film festival Listapad in Minsk (November 4-11).

The films chosen are:

“My Friend Yaniv” – by Maayan Schwartz – documentary, 45 minutes, 2016

My friend Yaniv tries, every day, to devour a life that threatens to devour him back. The film reflects a lifetime of struggling between the desired and the given, between body and soul, between helplessness and optimism. Which side will prevail?

“Turning over the Stones” – by Nir Dvorchin – documentary, 31 minutes, 2016

The story Sami’s face doesn’t tell is told by the farm that he has built in the desert—his home. Sami’s moods change like the passing of the seasons. Years of loneliness, yearning, fear and hope are reflected in numerous letters kept in a cardboard box in his room—always to one addressee, one woman. The film won the soundtrack prize at the Cinema South Film Festival 2016.

Holot – docu-animation, 9 minutes, 2015

The creators are: Dor Bar, Asher Schwartz, Uriah Ben Haim, Neta Lahav, Einat Keshet, Shiran Ilouz, Sivan Elshvili, Daniel Speizer, Yakir Ben Haim, Yogev Sasson, Artiom Levin, Adi Suissa, Shahar Pitras, Ana Levdav, Yael Gelber.

This film was created from 7 hours of interviews with asylum seekers, telling the story of refugees at the Holot installation. It was made by the students of Ricardo Werdesheim’s course on documentary animation, and it employs various animation techniques. The film was chosen to be screened at the Animation Festival in Stuttgart, Germany, as well as at other festivals abroad.

The film creators Maayan Schwartz, Nir Dvorchin, Einat Keshet will take part in the festival.